Educare School


We create sustainable products that nourish self-discovery, intention, reflection and personal growth in a meaningful way. NORTH + THIRD helps influencers, community builders, and content creators build deeper connections with the audiences they love. By designing and producing custom print products, we ensure creators can manifest their legacy through the powerful medium of print. This truly is what we believe in as a third generation company built upon the foundation of legacy.


We are two sisters from Toronto, Canada (the “NORTH”) running a third generation family business (the “THIRD”). The original family business was founded in 1975 by our late grandmother, Anne Rogul. Anne embodied the true entrepreneurial spirit, dared to dream big and founded companies and foundations during a time when women in business weren’t just rare – they were fully discouraged!
Not only did Anne persevere and succeed in developing a thriving business, but made it her mission to encourage, motivate and inspire other women to achieve their goals and follow their dreams. Anne’s vision is our guiding force today as we continue to produce custom print products with value and purpose to power individual success.

The work that we do with our clients not only generates highly profitable revenue streams, but helps them craft their legacy, producing a product that is representative to the impact they're called to make. Something that lasts alongside their brand and can affect generational change is truly what we believe in as a third generation company.We want to help continue to manifest your legacy through the powerful medium of print!

Welcome to our family,
Meagan and Alex